2017 Messy Family Events

More details will be published shortly before each event.



Saturday 7th January - 10.30 am

Winter Wellie Walk at Hinchingbrooke Park

Saturday 4th February - 4 pm

Pizza, Table Games & Soft Play Party at HMC

Tuesday 28th February - 4 pm

Pancake Party at HMC

Easter Messy Church at HMC

Saturday 1st April - 2 pm

Movies and pizza at HMC

Saturday 6th May - 4 pm

Junior Fellowship Café celebration at HMC

Sunday 11th June - 10:15 am

Beach event in the Town Market Square

Sunday 16th July - 1 pm

BBQ and Family Fun at Hinchinbrooke Park

Saturday 2nd September - 2 pm

Harvest Messy Church at HMC

Saturday 7th October - 2 pm

(possible) Light Party

Tuesday 31st October - 4 pm

Bonfire or Light Party

Saturday 4th November - 4 pm

Christmas Lights in the Town Market Square

Sunday 26th November - 2 pm (to be confirmed)

Christmas Messy Stable at HMC

Saturday 2nd December - 2 pm