An Audience with Canon Andrew White

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You are invited to join with other churches in the town for an “Audience with the Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White” on Sunday 8th July 5.00 pm at Huntingdon Methodist Church.

Canon White has an extraordinary ministry of reconciliation and conflict mediation in the Middle East.For his work he has been awarded over 15 International Peace prizes including: The Anne Frank Award (2014), The William Wilberforce Award (2014), US Cross of Valor (2006)

He is no stranger to danger, having been "hijacked, kidnapped, locked up in rooms with bits of finger and toe and things." He has "been held at gunpoint, been attacked – the usual thing"!  Many of his staff have been kidnapped or killed.  However in ‘Faith under Fire’ also a title of one of his books Canon Andrew has witnessed many healings and 7 dead resurrected to life.

Canon Andrew is an old friend of the late Rev Billy Graham and a much-loved regular speaker at The Billy Graham’s university Wheaton College in Illinois and at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California.

He is a larger than life character and no-holds-barred approach to public speaking make him popular with young and old alike.
Please share with your church family and friends, so as many people as possible are able to be part of this rare opportunity to meet such a remarkable man of God.


Admission is Free: Seating limited, online registration recommended to reserve your place.

*Please note a love gift offering will be received during the service*
(Supporting Canon Andrew’s ministry for the School and Clinic for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Relief and Reconciliation work in Israel and Palestine. 

** Restricted parking  at HMC for Reserved Blue Badge holders only**