Huntingdon Methodist Church

Ministry Team

Welcome to the Huntingdon Methodist Church Website!

At the heart of Huntingdon Methodist Church is worship - the aim being to honour Jesus
and equip for a life of witness and service.. We welcome those exploring the Christian faith
and committed Christians. It is great to have babies, children and teenagers among us. Bible
teaching and preaching series area feature of the church.

We desire to be on the move. Those engaged in children and youth ministry are asking what
may be done to become better equipped and more effective to serve in the 21st century.

We are exploring the possibility of making the premises more suitable for Christian worship
and the other activities of the Church and wider community.

Contemporary Methodism increasingly sees itself to be a 'Discipleship Movement Shaped
For Mission.' At HMC one of the ways this is expressed is through 'Open Door'. On Monday
to Friday mornings the door is open to members of the public and various groups from the
town who visit each week.

The Church has a meaningful and practical relationship with London's Whitechapel Mission,
supporting work among homeless people and is concerned about the World Mission of the
Christian Church.

We give thanks for our partnerships with other Christian Churches in the area.

HMC is an exciting worship-centred community, vibrant, diverse and caring, that I regard
it a privilege to serve. My greatest joy is seeing people discover and grow in a living and
dynamic Christian faith.

Rev David King
HMC Ministry Team


 Deacon Sue Roberts

Sue Roberts
HMC Ministry Team

And all the members of the HMC congregation.  Please see our guide as to who does some of the jobs around church.