Youth Activities

Huntingdon Methodist Church's youth activities currently include:

Junior Fellowship

Huntingdon Methodist has a large and lively Junior Fellowship and youth section.  All ages are well represented from near-zero to over 18s.  We welcome children and young people of all ages and regard them as an integral part of our church.  From the church crèche which looks after the youngest of babies to the most senior of the Junior Fellowship (our name for Sunday School!) youth groups covering secondary school age – there is a youth class / Junior Fellowship class for every age.

Youth Club

Every Friday 7:30 - 9 pm.

Youth Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. The Youth Film Series consists of twelve short episodes designed to engage young people in conversations about faith, life and God.  We will be running this group once a fortnight starting Thursday 3rd November, alternating school years 7-9 and 10+.